Mile High Music Festival 2010 Up Coming


Mile High Music Festival on August of 14 & 15-2010 Place (Dicks’ Sporting Goods Park)

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Chicago Air And Water Show 2010: Best Jets Flights

The Chicago Air And Water Show 2010 takes place this weekend and jets took flight today to practice for the 52nd Annual event.
The event take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Aug. 14 and 15, 2010. This Blog "Show Me Chicago" has rounded up the best spots to view the show here.
Round about Two Million people to watch the Air and Water Show Annually, per Metromix. This year Vince Vaughn is slated to make an epic skydive from 12,000 feet in the air.

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The 52nd Annual Chicago Air and Water Show 2010. The Anniversary starts at 10 a.m until 4 p.m on August 14 and 15. For the 2010 Chicago Air and Water Appearance the organizers accept appointed Hollywood brilliant Vince Vaughn to accomplish an ballsy sky dive from 12,000 anxiety in the air and added than 2 amateur people will watch the show. If you’re in Chicago, go for the the basin advanced from Fullerton to Oak Street Beach Saturday and Sunday.
The Annual Chicago Air and Water Show 2010  is the amazing Show  in the United States of America and this year it will be Memorable. As antecedent stated, amateur Vince Vaughn, forth ancillary associates of the U.S Army Parachute Team Golden Knights, is activity to jump on North Avenue Beach from 12,000 anxiety in the air.
Also, the Show will affection some of the fastest and better aircraft currently in operation from U.S Navy and Air Force.

Buffalo News of City Grill Shooting Deaths

Buffalo News City Grill, AP – BUFFALO, NY – A sh00ting alfresco a restaurant in city Buffalo aboriginal Saturday dead four bodies and acid four, badge said. The victims were abrogation a ample affair central the bar and the City Grill restaurant at about 2:30 am back battery erupted, badge and assemblage said. Badge were investigating attestant letters that an altercation could accept amorphous at home. Researchers do not apperceive how abounding shooters there were. 

“We are aggravating to array all that,” said Dennis Richards Head of Homicide. “We’re blockage to see if annihilation precipitated from within."

Buffalo account letters the City Grill cutting afterlife assessment has risen. Buffalo account letters anon afterwords 2:30 am bounded time Saturday alarm erupted at City Grill, a city accepted restaurant. By 11 am EST, the afterlife assessment is at 4. 

BREAKING NEWS – Buffalo Badge say aural the after most hour that the shooter(s) are still be approved for a aboriginal morning rampage. Without allegorical if one or added shooters is at large, Buffalo badge are still investigating the arena of Saturday’s predawn cutting in the 200 block of Main St. Badge agent Mike DeGeorge says the afterlife assessment is at 4, comprised of two men and two women. DeGeorge says there are 4 additionally injured. He says their altitude are alien but they are all males. 

Three baleful victims were begin asleep on the sidewalk letters Buffalo news, a fourth arresting asleep at a bounded breadth hospital thereafter. 

Police agent Mike DeGeorge says the cardinal of shooters is unknown. “There was some blazon of adventure [inside the restaurant...] and it again agitated alfresco and that’s back the shootings occurred.” DeGeorge believes there was a gunfight amid several parties, not aloof one ballista on a rampage. “The additional achieve ability is added likely. The chase is on [for the shooters].”

President Barack Obama (Ground Zero Mosque)

President Obama is beneath blaze afterwords jumping into the average of a cultural affray Friday night in favor of architecture a abbey abreast arena zero, a attitude that has animated the advancing affair to the presidential akin advanced of a difficult acclamation division for Democrats.
Some victims' advocates and Republicans accept  accursed Obama's abutment for the mosque, which would be allotment of a $100 actor Islamic association center most two blocks from area about 3,000 people asleep back hijacked jetliners airtight into the World Trade Center most building on Sept. 11, 2001.
"Barack Obama has alone America at the road where America's affection was burst nine years ago, and area her accurate ethics were on affectation for all to see," said Debra Burlingame, a backer for some Sept. 11 victims' families and the sister of one of the pilots dead in the attacks.
Building the abbey at arena zero, she said, "is a advisedly annoying act that will accelerate added action in the name of Allah."

"It is aloof and uncaring for the Muslim association to body a abbey in the adumbration of arena zero," he said in a accounting statement.

"I don't anticipate Barack Obama would say, 'Well we accept religious tolerance, we're activity to acquiesce them to do that,'" he said. "That is the amiss way to attending at this. This is not whether it's a acknowledged appropriate to do it. Bodies accept acknowledged rights to do a lot of things in this country."

"We accept the will of the American public," he said, acquainted the acclamation appearance best argue the mosque. The imam is "ignoring the will of the American public, as by the way, Barack Obama is by balustrade with him."

Metor Shower 2010 Peaks Tonight

Ready to get pleasure the Perseid Metor Battery 2010 Peaks Tonight? The best time to be afraid by this amazing accident is this black and predawn Friday. For the occasion, NASA will be hosting a live chat with astronomer Bill Cooke, so have our computers accessible at 11pm Eastern Time today.

Metor Shower Tonight, Metor battery tonight will be at best according to NASA officials. However cloudy atmosphere in parts a of the United States is an obstacle to the amazing view. NASA has predicted that there will be about 80 meteors per hour and the best time to see the Light Snow appearance is from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am for the sky would be Dark during those hours. Those in the Aerial Arena may accept added than 100 meteors per hour. People in the northern will accept a more good appearance of the cutting star. Last year the meteor appearance was alike more good with about 200 meteors per hour.

Guide is accessible on the NASA Web site to advice Users at home. Metor battery tonight alleged Perseid because the stars will point aback to the afterlife Perseus. Scientists have warned people to be accurate and abstain any radiation affects.

Metor shower tonight  is attributed to the comet called Swift-Tuttle. It takes 133 years for the comet to apogee the sun. Concert tonight will be more good visibility, as it is accident at a time back the Moon is not so bright. The lights dim meteors will additionally be arresting in the absence of moonlight. No appropriate accessories is needed to see the Light Show. Dark and Less polluted sites offer a Better View. .

Elias Abuelazam

Elias Abuelazam photo, Arlington, VA Police, Elias Abu Elazam, Facebook page photo
According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the man nabbed at the Michigan Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, suspected serial killer Elias Abuelazam was caught after being paged by the authorities at the airport. According to the AJC, Elias Abuelazam is wanted in several states, a suspect in multiple stabbing attacks. Abuelazam had an expired Israeli passport and a ticket to Tel Aviv. Abuelazam’s family resides in Ramieh, an Arab-Israeli town located 20 miles from Tel Aviv. AJC posted a photo of Abuelazam and also noted the suspected serial killer had his named “spelled four different ways in public documents” including the name Elias Abu Elazam on an expired 1997 Michigan driver’s license.
A photo of Abluelazam published by AJC of Elias Abuelazam, supplied by the Arlington Virginia Police Department with the caption, Elias Abu Elazam, in our opinion, looks an awful lot like the Facebook photo pasted on the current Facebook page of “Elias Abu Elazam”.
Elias Abu Elazam’s Facebook page.

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In Ramla, a alloyed Israeli Jewish-Arab alive chic boondocks amid Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the shabby, two-story abode breadth the suspect's mother and sister alive was aphotic backward Thursday. Neighbors, who banned to accord their names, said the ancestors is Christian but told reporters little else.
In Michigan, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said authorities don't apperceive the motive for the stabbings, and that admitting the actuality that best victims were atramentous there is no affirmation chase played a role.
Killed were David Motley, 31, Emmanuel A. Muhammad, 59, Darwin Marshall, 43, and Arnold R. Minor, 49, all of Flint, and Frank Kellybrew, 60, of Flint Township. All died afore Aug. 4, back Michigan authorities assured the attacks were the assignment of one consecutive killer. 

A tip backward Tuesday – one of added than 500 accustomed in the stabbings – led badge to a bazaar abreast Flint breadth Abuelazam worked. Leyton said board talked to employees, and a abundance video showed that he akin the description of the man basic by authorities. 

Antwione Marshall, the victim of the July 27 cutting in which Abuelazam has been charged, told The Associated Press that he articular Abuelazam as his aggressor back the FBI visited him at 3 a.m. to appearance him a photograph of the suspect. 

Marshall, 26, of Flint, said he was activity into his accommodation architecture back the aggressor approached and asked for advice acclimation his car. He was stabbed active back he opened the hood, and now has a continued blister from his chest to his pelvic area. 

Marshall said he wants to "retaliate" but "I'll let God handle it. Every time I attending at my scar, I get angry."
Abuelazam was active in Flint, breadth his uncle endemic two adjoining homes. Leyton said badge searched them and removed affirmation but he beneath to call it. 

The doubtable larboard his agent in Michigan and flew Wednesday to Louisville, Ky., and again to Atlanta, the aftermost stop afore the planned all-embracing flight. Leyton said Abuelazam's uncle bought him the even ticket, which amount about $3,000, and is now allied with police. 

A few dozen bodies who heard about the arrest aggregate alfresco Abuelazam's above workplace, Kingwater Bazaar in Mount Morris Township. One yelled that the buyer should accept been suspicious. Badge austere the parking lot.
Store administrator Abdulla Farrah said Abuelazam formed there for about a ages afore abrogation Aug. 1. He said he seemed like a "very polite, nice guy" who "didn't appearance any affectionate of racism," but he additionally said, "I achievement if he's the one that did this I achievement they adhere him, I achievement he gets the afterlife penalty." Michigan does not accept basic punishment. 

Peters, who is black, said bodies about the abundance hadn't doubtable the aggressor was amid them.
"We consistently anticipation somebody was aggravating to perpetrate a abhorrence abomination adjoin us," he said. "People were calling me from out of town, cogent me to be careful." 

A adjudicator in Flint active a accreditation Thursday charging Abuelazam with advance with absorbed to annihilation in affiliation with the cutting of Marshall. Authorities doubtable him of cutting a absolute of 14 men in Flint.
Abuelazam has ties to Leesburg, Va., the armpit of three agnate attacks aftermost week, Leesburg badge Officer Chris Jones said. Authorities in Toledo, Ohio, say a cutting in that burghal Saturday appears to be affiliated to the agitated spree.
Authorities initially said Abuelazam was doubtable in 20 stabbings, but two Michigan incidents were disqualified out afterwards added investigation. Leyton said authorities will be "methodical and thorough" as they abide to investigate and book charges.
Atlanta badge said Abuelazam was actuality housed briefly at the burghal bastille afterwards his arrest, but the bastille had no almanac of him. It was not bright if he had an advocate or back he ability be extradited to Michigan.
The aisle to Abuelazam began aftermost week, back he was arrested in Arlington, Va., during a accepted cartage stop. Arlington Detective Crystal L. Nosal said badge accomplished he was basic on a simple advance accreditation in Leesburg, about 30 afar away, but a cloister appear him on claimed recognizance.
The accreditation was different to the stabbings, and Leyton said there was no civic active for Abuelazam or his agent back he was stopped.
Leyton said Arlington badge begin a knife and a bang in Abuelazam's 1996 blooming and gold Chevrolet Blazer, which badge alternate to Abuelazam afterwards briefly impounding it. The agent akin one declared by some cutting victims, and a bang was acclimated in one afterwards advance in Virginia, on a 19-year-old man in a parking lot. Two added attacks – one in Leesburg and the one in Toledo – additionally occurred afterwards the cartage stop.
Abuelazam is an Israeli aborigine who is active in the U.S. with a blooming card, Leyton said.
According to cloister annal in Virginia's Loudoun County, breadth Leesburg is located, he was arrested in December 2007 and answerable with abomination gun possession. Those accuse were alone the abutting year. He was additionally answerable with abomination advance in 2008, and had a cloister date appointed abutting week.
Steve Guss, a advocate who represented Abuelazam in the gun case, said that allegation was a confounding stemming from a antecedent bad-check allegation out of California that Abuelazam did not apprehend was a felony. Guss additionally helped Abuelazam get his blooming card, and recalled him as a "laid-back blazon of guy" who thanked him for his assignment by bringing baklava and added pastries to his law firm.
Jessica Nimitz, an Arlington, Texas, woman who was affiliated to Abuelazam from 2004 to 2007, said she was disturbing to cope with the news. 

"I'm surprised," she said in a buzz interview. "I'm aggravating to amount out what's activity on."

The brace affiliated back Jessica was in her backward teens, her ancestor said. Jim Hirth said Abuelazam "seemed all appropriate at the time but I haven't been with him day in and day out ... My whole family is shocked."

Sara Saco Vertiz

Sara Saco Vertiz Bo Wyble Breakup: The brace of Houston Astros admirers has become a web awareness accepted as the "Fan Abhorrent Brawl Brace Split afterwords Brawl Hit Girlfriend" and their acclaim alike got them an actualization on the CBS morning show.
Bo has alike been dubbed "the Bailer" for his after most additional move to get out of the way of an admission Fan Abhorrent Brawl which promptly nailed Sara on the elbow.
Bo's explanation? He absent the brawl in the lights. Sure...
Sara Saco Vertiz abounding a quiet Houston Astros baseball bold with her lover back he saw a brawl advancing their way.
CBS’ Harry Smith batten with the brace this morning area Sara Saco Vertiz appear that the abhorrent brawl off the bat of Astros third baseman Chris Johnson that hit her was not that painful.
“Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Okay, I accept a aerial affliction tolerance. So, it wasn’t too bad. It was like a 6 on the scale,” explained Ms. Saco Vertiz.

She added that its over amid them partly because of Bo Wyble’s abridgment of courage saying,
“Alright. Well, I beggarly it’s not over because of the ball.”

Dr. Laura 'N' Word Controversy

When Media Matters posted the Audio and Story  behind Dr. Laura Schlessinger's use of the "N" Word, the Internet went into overdrive with comments, driving the story faster than the time it took for Dr. Laura to acting like her way into the history books with a barrage of "N" Word sarcasm on her radio show Aug. 10.

Dr. Laura's exchange with a listener created an opportunity for the famous radio expert on interpersonal relations to clearly demonstrate her understanding of cross-cultural communications. Instead, she exhibited a distant disconnect with African Americans akin to the reputations of fellow radio cohorts Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

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Dr. Laura Receives Relationship Advice

Dr. Laura, here's a word of advice. Ironic, I know. Usually YOU'RE the one giving advice. But here goes: Let's bypass the fact that you cut off the explanation offered by your caller when you might have gained insight into why her feelings were hurt by what she considered racially demeaning remarks.

You chose to twist the woman's complaint about insensitive racial remarks into an unrelated political commentary aimed at reiterating your frustration toward some of President Obama's supporters. The caller turned the tables by offering you an opportunity to disclose your views regarding use of the "N" word. That's when you fell off your normally smart, pithy, advisory pedestal into a chasm of irrationality. Here's a bit of advice and insight. I hope this helps to start a much-needed conversation.

Don't Spit In My Face!

I don't use the "N" word. I'm offended by its use by anyone to anyone. It casts aspersions, dredges up and keeps alive a disdainful, disgraceful period in American history that spanned generations and seeks to demean and deride an entire group of people.

Here's the part of that history with which you may be already acquainted: Whites castigated Blacks using the "N" Word. It wasn't enough to demoralize us in every way possible, including rapes, torture, murders and an overall subjugation through many generations. Even the legalized separation of Blacks from much of what you hold dear in the sacrosanct Constitution and Declaration of Independence didn't satisfy the insatiable violent urge to strip Black men, women and children of respect.

The "N" Word Is Degrading By Design

Courtesy James Logan High School Courier

It wasn't enough for many Whites (not all) to praise God while holding a bible in one hand and waving Old Glory high in the other, all the while standing on the backs of Blacks and deriding them for not owning anything, failing to get jobs and living in slum-like conditions to which most were relegated by the foot on their backs.

It was truly the "N" word that drove home the spike in the heart of Black people. Whenever it was uttered by a White person, it was meant as yet another spit in the face, another piling on, another kick in the teeth ... to remind us that no matter what happens, Blacks will always be considered inferior to Whites.

No Altruistic Use of the "N" Word

The misguided notion that proclaims the historic meaning behind the "N" word can be turned about according to its use is akin to saying its OK for you and your girlfriends to call each other (pick your nastiest derogatory term used to demean women and insert here) but no one else is allowed to do so. Does that really change the meaning of the word ... or does it further demean and degrade you and your girlfriends in the eyes of those who subscribe to the historic and widespread understanding of the word?

Dr. Laura Should Re-Discover America

Dr. Laura, the point you actually DID make is that you are very much out of touch with African Americans ... and likely a good portion of America as well (notice the demographic shifts occurring).

Paul Jr Designs Launch (Orange County Choppers)


Missing amazing designs from Paul Teutul Jr.? then you will be pleased to know that he is going to start designing and building his own choppers again. However, his new company Paul Jr. Designs will be very different to Orange County Choppers, as it will be old school bike building compared to the start-of-the-art OCC factory.
The long wait is over for the fans of the popular American Chopper. The Bike designing father and sons are back.

On 6th February, 2010 TLC announced that American Chopper's season finale scheduled for February 11 would also mark the end of the series, stating, "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.

On April 7, however, TLC announced the show would return for a new series; newly dubbed "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior," the show will still chronicle the Teutuls and their competing bike shops.

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This evening TLC premiered the show, which is spinoff of the original series.
The first episode picked up where we left off,Paul Teutel Jr and his father, Sr. Paul Sr are still not talking and are still feuding. The drama gets even more intense with Sr.Paul Sr children’s Mikey and Paulie no longer talking to their dad.
The show features Paul Jr leaving his dad’s company to create his own called Paul Jr Designs.

It is no secret that American Chopper has lost its magic, as Paul Jr. was the brains behind all of the designs, but he did have a great team behind him to back him up. Thankfully the best guy who used to work at Orange County Choppers will be working along side junior – Vinnie.

Junior has made some of the most famous choppers out there, from the Black Widow Bike to the Intel bike, but does he still have what it takes. He has two things going against him, he has been out of the game for over a year, and the fact that he does not have the machinery like OCC does.

I hope that Paul Jr. pulls it off, he has designed some great bikes, and what made OCC was him and Vinnie – so the team is back together. Let us hope that Rick comes on-board, as he is a great fabricator and will be an asset to company Paul Jr. Designs.

Orange County Choppers vs Paul Jr Designs : Who will design the better bikes?

Visit the official Paul Jr. Designs website.