Alexis Grace

Happy Birthday, Alexis Grace! Finalist of season 8 that Alexis grace celebrates her birthday Sunday 24. His expulsion from the eleventh place shocked American Idol viewers across the country, such as the mother of Memphis was a favorite of principle.

Although Alexis was part of a talented group of Semifinalists, showed his performance of Aretha Franklin “I Never Loved a Man (the way I love you)” that the singer had more soul. She was chosen as a finalist of season 8 Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey next to. Michael Jackson’s Top 13 week closed the evening with an astounding interpretation of “Dirty Diana” Alexis.

Happy Birthday, Alexis Grace! Despite coming in 11th and lack of idols LIVE tour 2009, Alexis was a part of the American stars in concert of 2009 and the version of the same route traveling with friend of colleague Michael season 8, season 7 David Hernández and season 6 of Gina Glocksen. Alexis was on the scene in the season 9 auditions in Atlanta and Dallas, where he met some interesting, talented, and wild promises. She served as the expert of idol in Memphis 107,5 q radio station.
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