The Four Eras of Gaddafi’s Rule 9

The four eras of Gaddafi’s rule (9): 1 September, would have been the ruler of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi of exactly 42 years, what is the longest ruling head of State of the world. As he departs the scene, deserves his miserable reign a rating.

Gaddafi took power in the age of 27 after Gamal Abdel Nasser, the influential leader of Arab bread of Egypt and saw as the acolyte Nasser but with a larger ambitions: while Nasser dreamed of an Arab nation stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf as an end in itself saw mismoGaddafiHij as the first step towards Arab unity Muslim unity. Although Gaddafi a unit type fails, and his “third international theory” in the 1975 paper detailed green he turned out to be a total bust, he an early and obvious effect of two important developments.

The four eras of Gaddafi’s rule (9): First, it had an important role in the rise in energy prices which began in 1972 and continues to this day. Control of the international oil companies on the production of oil prices and challenging, began the transfer of powers from Western rooms East palaces. In particular was the possibility of success that helped to increase the fourfold Gaddafi oil prices in 1973-74.


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