King Henry VIII’s Six Wives

King Henry VIII’s Six Wives: King Henry VIII’s Six Wives Photo Sharing: Henry VIII, with an Angel by throwing a stone at him, because it was so bad. Six valves are Catherine Parr (“survived!”), Jane Seymour (= baby died in childbirth, so he lost his Crown), Anne of Cleves (without flowers = divorced), Catherine of Aragon (flowers in the trash can = divorced), Catherine Howard (skeleton in a coffin = died) and Anne Boleyn (permanent block heels, in addition, fretful to look at his feet with an axe and someone to her Crown). 

King Henry VIII’s Six Wives Photo Sharing: Information about the camera: Canon EOS 5 D Mark II, EF70-200 mm L USM is resources, 1/60 sec at f/11, 89 mm, ISO 200 focal length Copyright 2011 Stephen t. ShanklandI the mini series The Tudors look and realize that I need to live as Henry VIII. Not six women; only the cronies. I love the way people were announced as they walk in the door: “Alteza-este is the Duke of Witherspoon”.
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