Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 New Look:
The iPhone 5 must have 4G if Apple hopes to keep geeks from switching in the near term and consumers from following over the next year or so. While not everyone ‘needs’ 4G, geeks are early adopters and shine a light on what mainstream consumers will or won’t buy in the coming months. From what I can tell, more and more geeks have 4G on the brain and are busy showing our non-geek friends the awesomeness that is Verizon 4G LTE.

Apple iPhone 5 integrate the thunderbolt port and will it be good for Apple, but this means users paying more and becoming even more locked in to Apple’s ecosystem.

Comparing to USB 3.0 thunderbolt may have the only advantage over transfer speed, and looking at USB 3.0 slots consume less power, less expensive in manufacturing, higher compatibility degree and Thunderbolt is backwards at compatible, expensive and is compatible with only 0.1% of the devices available.

Intel is the only supplier of Thunderbolt chips and Apple at present has exclusivity, Intel might ask for more money for their chips thus making non-Apple devices cost more. Finally it will be over the consumers who will have to shell out the expenses. 


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