Mermaid-Astrid Berges At Pirates 4

‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey talks mermaids, action-adventure, and spending five hours in makeup to look like she’s naked.
Berges-Frisbey had the opportunity to play a character that has rarely been seen in cinema over the last several decades, a ferocious and fearsome mermaid.

The actress agreed that, “The mermaids in the movie are different than the mermaids we have seen before, and the mermaid that I play is even different than the others because she meets Philip.
”The mermaid depicted above is representative of what we see of Syrena’s “sisters.” They are more the sirens of lore than the “little mermaids” we have become accustomed to in films. These ladies are indeed outstandingly beautiful women who lure men to their bloody and brutal demise. Syrena stands apart from the other mermaids as one with a mysterious quality of compassion, just as Philip differs from the humans he is accompanying as a man of integrity and wisdom.

 “I think that their relationship symbolizes something really great and powerful,” Frisbey mused, “like kind of two cultures meet and try to trust the other one and take off all the protection.”

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