The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: you can get your first look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen Today.

Entertainment Weekly has released the first official picture of Lawrence in character as Katniss for the Gary Ross-directed adaptation. In an interview, the Oscar-nominated actress tells EW why she sympathizes with the bow-wielding heroine: "She was a girl who’s all of a sudden being introduced to fame. I know what that feels like to have all this flurry around you and feel like, 'Oh, no, I don't belong here.'"

Check out the rest of today's big movie news past the jump, including word on Peter Berg and Taylor Kitch's next project!
Berg and Kitsch Reunite
Deadline reports that "Battleship" collaborators Peter Berg and Taylor Kitsch are teaming up again for another project, this time a bit more grounded in reality but still keeping with the armed forces theme. They'll join forces for "Lone Survivor," based on the true story of a small Navy SEAL squad that was ambushed in Afghanistan in 2005. Berg has been working on this project for quite some time, and it'll finally go before cameras in January through Universal Pictures.

Zombies Rule Period
"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," eat your heart out: a new zombie infested period piece is on its way and it has a stellar cast backing it up. Screen Daily reports that Ian McKellan, Judi Dench, Gillian Anderson and Mark Williams are starring in Matthew Butler's 18th century zombie flick "The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet." In other news, I have a sudden craving for brains.

Gibson's "Sleight of Hand"

Kiefer Sutherland is already slated to lead an all-star cast in the France-based heist comedy "Sleight of Hand," and the star power is about to increase exponentially: according to Variety, Mel Gibson is in talks to join the picture.

Kill Those "Deadpool" Rumors
Remember when Robert Rodriguez was linked to direct "Deadpool"? We do too, but it turns out that Rodriguez himself was taken completely off guard by the rumor. He tells MTV Splash Page: "[Fox] said I might want to see [the script for] 'Deadpool.' So I said, 'Sure, send it to me.' Almost just out of curiosity. And if I really, really wanted to do it, maybe I could figure out a way to do it. But that wasn't really going to happen. I just couldn't fit it in with other projects."
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