Christy Chung

Hong Kong Celebrity Christy Chung may be famous for her curves, but Christy is also managed to lose some weight.  After giving birth to her third child last February, she’s managed to drop the weight in only six weeks and do it in style using the Goldluxe treatment.The Goldluxe treatment is the most luxurious treatment using 24K gold,” says Chung.

This is not the first time 40-year-old Chung has had to drop the pregnancy weight in just six weeks and each time before she also used Marie France Bodyline products.  Since then, she has remained the celebrity spokesperson for the company. I  have a daughter, my first one, who is 12 years old. And people saw how fast I lost weight (after giving birth),” says Chung.

The actress reveals that, after giving birth to her first child, it took her just four weeks to lose 6kg (13 pounds).  After her second and third births it took her six weeks to lose around 10kg (22 pounds) each time.

But wait–the actress claims to have done this with the aid of gold? The Goldluxe treatment is the most luxurious treatment using 24K gold, which stimulates and regenerates skin to make it firmer and younger,” explains Chung.

That is what Christy Chung relies on to lose weight when needed and to keep her metabolism up.


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