Harold Camping

Harold Camping President of Family Stations Inc Brief Biography: Harold Egbert Camping received a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in 1942. He and his family were lifelong members the Christian Reformed Church until the year 1988. He served there as an Elder and Bible teacher for many years. Harold Camping earned his living from his own construction business, which he began shortly after the end of World War II.

In 1958 he, together with two others, formed the non-profit ministry of Family Stations, Inc. (Family Radio - a Christian educational network) in which he has served as President. Eventually Harold Camping sold his business and became a full-time volunteer employer of Family Radio serving as President and as General Manager.

In 1961 Family Radio began the Open Forum program, a live weeknight call-in program hosted by Harold Camping. This program has continued to the present time and is broadcasted on the more than 140 stations owned by Family Radio in the U.S. The Open Forum is also translated into many foreign languages and together with other Family Radio programing is broadcast worldwide via Shortwave, and a network of AM / FM stations. Additionally, most of this worldwide programming is aired by means of Internet (www.familyradio.com).

Harold Camping has authored about 30 books and booklets most of which are available free of charge from Family Radio.
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