See Rebecca Black Pregnant Report

Rebecca Black Pregnant Report: Here is the Report at CNN:
CNN stated that iReport —
Rebecca Black, best known for her song Friday which became a viral hit online, is pregnant.

One of Rebecca's close friends revealed the news on their Facebook wall. The post was soon deleted but the revelation had already spread to Twitter. Apparently Rebecca did not want the news made public yet, she even disabled comments on the Friday video which has 140 million views on Youtube.

Rebecca's boyfriend Nat Wolff is assumed to be the father. They have been seen together at functions and award ceremonies since meeting last year.

Black has already been criticized by some for allowing herself to become pregnant, many are concerned that she is setting a bad example for teens. Rebecca has previously acknowledged that she is a role model for young people. The community at was particularly critical with many calling for Rebecca to seriously consider an abortion.

Other websites such as and a new Facebook group dedicated to Rebecca's pregnancy have been more supportive. Rebecca Black herself has not made a statement about her pregnancy at this time."
See Rebecca Black Pregnant Report
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