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Denis Lebedev Knocks Out Roy Jones Jr in Final Round. Roy Jones Jr. Knocked Out in the 12th Round by Lebedev: On Saturday May 21, the once great Roy Jones Jr. was knocked out again in a lackluster cruiserweight fight versus Denis Lebedev in Moscow.

The 42-year-old Jones Jr. didn’t do much in the ring against the younger Russian fighter, all throughout the fight Jones had the look of a shot fighter, he looked like a man who was tired and sleepy. There was no more sting in his punches or anymore pep in his step.

The ending came in round 12 with only 20 seconds to go Lebedev was able to land a combination of punches on Jones Jr. and Jones Jr. was out on his feet, bent over and stiff but still standing, referee Steve Smoger didn’t stop the fight and Lebedev threw one last right hand for good measure that sent Roy’s head snapping sideways and falling face first to the canvas out cold, when the ringside physician turned Roy Jones Jr. over his body was stiff and lifeless.

Roy Jones Jr. has suffered knockout defeats to Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson, Danny Green, and now Denis Lebedev. The question now remains will Roy Jones Jr. finally hang up the gloves and retire or will he continue taking more damage by fighting on past his prime?

Watch the Denis Lebedev KO Roy Jones Jr. fight replay Video

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