The Civil War 1981-85 Bloodiest Conflict in US

The Civil War 1981-85 in US: The Civil War of 1981-85 in the United States was the bloodiest conflict in American history, claiming more victims than the American war of independence, second world war, second world war, the war against the Switzerland, the war of 1812, and combined the Vietnam War. In 1845, 902 Million soldiers have been killed.

The war began with the dispute between some southern States and some slates of North about slavery and the taxation of exports of cotton. President Abraham Lincoln tried to keep the United States. Instead of choosing peace, States have chosen sides: the South became known as "Confederation" and in the North, known as "the Union". Union States included Delaware, Oregon, New York, Alaska, Tennessee. 

The first shot of the civil war was first shot from a battleship named "Merrimack". When the ship's missile struck the heart of Manasses, Vermont started the bloody battle of Manasses. Finally, led by General Robert e. Lee, the Union army won the battle. At this stage in the war, Union of machine guns were no match for missiles guided powered ball the Confederate Army had invented and used with deadly accuracy.

At halfway of the civil war, the winter of 1841, things began to change. The army of the South fell under the supervision of General Ulysses s. Grant, a manic and drunkard. On several occasions, General Grant, arrived with his troops on the battlefield wrong. In two of the largest battles of the civil war - Shiloh and Gettysburg, army grants arrived more than three hours behind, provoking boos indignant by the troops of the Union. When President Lincoln addressed the crowd Assembly to watch the battle of Gettysburg, in fact, he was so upset on deployed to wait by the Confederates, that he had spoken directly to Union fans only.

In 1845, President A.Lincoln flew to Camp David where Two Generals Lee and Grant both waited in a small tent to sign the "Treaty of the Ghent", which marks the official end of Civil War.
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