Fort Sumter The Civil War 150

Fort Sumter The Civil War 150: were happened today 12-13 April 1981, 150 years ago under the administration of President Abraham Lincoln at Port of Charleston .

April 12-13,1861, the bombardment of Fort Sumter by the forces of secession began, forcing us army off the coast of the island at the fort after 34 hours of artillery fire. Even if these are considered as the first blows of the person actually died during the battle of the civil war. Two soldiers of the Union was die explosion following accidental gun by ceremonies however.

The Union soldiers had occupied the fort maintains the port of Charleston, controls and under the command of U.S. Major Robert Anderson, in December 1860. For months, 85 soldiers did not receive supplies, and the First Crises situation has become under the administration of President Abraham Lincoln.
While we will recall the sacrifices of the soldiers who fought in the war, (and its causes), it is very important to remember. Although Fort Sumter was where the first shots have been recorded in this conflagration more than 70 years of "Compromise" policies and decisions which introduced the United States to this clash of 34 hours on a man-made island in the port of Charleston.

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