Toni Morrison

Who is Toni Morrison? The first black woman to receive the Nobel Prize for literature, born Chloe Anthony Wofford on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio, U.S.A. It is the second of four children of George Wofford, a shipyard welder and Ramah Willis Wofford. Her parents moved to Southern Ohio to escape racism and find the best opportunities in the North. Her father was a hard worker and a worthy man. While the children have grown up, he worked three jobs at the same time for nearly 17 years. He took great pride in the quality of his work, so that whenever he welded seams perfect it would also be weld his name on the side of the ship. It is also sure to be well dressed, even during the depression. Her mother was a woman of the Church, and she sang in the choir. 
At home, Chloe heard of many songs and tales of black southern folklore. The Woffords are proud of their heritage. In 1987, Toni Morrison was appointed Professor of Goheen Robert f. in the Humanities Council at Princeton University. She became the first black woman writer to a named holder of the Chair at the University of the Ivy League. Accepting, Morrison said, "I am teaching as seriously as I do my writing." She has taught creative writing and also took part in African-American studies, American and women's studies programs.


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