Elisha Cuthbert Real Sex Symbol

Elisha Cuthbert Ann was born on November 30, 1982 in Calgary, Alberta. In 1996, Elisha Cuthbert made her professional debut on the Canadian anthology series popular "are you afraid of the dark"
Popular mechanics for children of three years hosted by Elisha Cuthbert and she carries out a series of family films. When she gets the role of Kim Bauer on series frenetic action of FOX-24 she got famous. Also, she appeared in the old school and Love Actually.
Here is Elisha Cuthbert statement: "I believe in fate and I think that what you get is what you get in return. This is the way it is worked for me. there is a sort of plan."
Elisha Cuthbert was not mark a real sex symbol until it assumed the role of Danielle in the comedy The Girl Next Door in 2004.


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