NBA Playoffs Schedule 2011

NBA Playoffs Schedule: Calendar of the NBA Playoffs. I know that all basketball NBA Fans are very excited for the game. Similarly, the postseason NBA schedule is ready to start in a few days. Certainly, the fans are really excited if who will will win. Each fan has their bet and favorite Team.
The NBA Playoffs 2011 will be held after the last current season of games to be held on 13 April 2011.
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1-Eastern Conference:
Chicago (1) VS Indiana (8) > Chicago over Indiana 4-1
Boston (2) VS Philadelphia (7)  >Boston over Philadelphia 4-1
Miami (3) VS New York (6) >Miami over New York 4-3
Orlando (4) VS Atlanta (5) >Orlando over Atlanta 4-1

2-Western Conference:
San Antonio (1) VS Memphis (8) > San Antonio over Memphis 4-2
Los Angeles (2) VS New Orleans (7) > Los Angeles over New Orleans 4-1
Dallas (3) VS Portland (6) >Dallas over Portland 4-2
Oklahoma City (4) VS Denver (5) > Oklahoma City over Denver 4-2
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