Planned Parenthood Government Shutdown 2011 Threatened by Republicans

Planned Parenthood  Government Shutdown 2011 Threatened by Republicans: Cecile Richards said "This is not about to cut federal funding of family planning,". She also added "which was proposed by the House of representatives is to say that women can go is more family planning for their screenings types of cancer"to obtain their birth control, to obtain any type of services through federal programs. This is what is getting lost here. At a meeting of White House of late-night between the President and the main leaders of the Congress, House Chairman John Boehner said that his Conference would approve no funding for the Government if any sum of money was allowed to flow through legislation known as the Title X family planning.
Cecile Richards stated that she is frustrated that the runner of family planning is being deceptively portrayed as a struggle against "Abortion Funding," when so many patients in rural and medically under-served depend on primary clinics in family planning.
Officials said that Democrats had made concessions on money and politics, and that he had moved to the position of the Chamber President John a. Boehner of Ohio on the overall level of spending, suitable for 37$ Billion Dollars in cuts with less than the entrance of the Pentagon that Democrats had initially requested.
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