Federal Budget Funding Approval for Planned Parenthood

Federal Budget Funding Approval for Planned Parenthood: The Republicans party has made a space on federal funding for Planned Parenthood which take control of births and screening, With negotiations on a judgment that could 800,000 federal workers temporarily their work down to a dispute over abortion. State of the US economy or with the fight against the deficit and suggests that the remains of party hung up on abortion as a central issue. The "Political Extortion."
Housing threatens to sale in the U.S. Budget impasse
The imminent closure of Government on a Congressional budget impasse could have a negative effect on the housing market already struggling. Under a judgment no new loans could not be processed.
This is because the Administration federal housing (FHA), a division of the Department of housing and urban development (HUD) insures mortgage loans for single-family and multi-family houses units. If Federal offices shut down, the workers of the FHA will be among those sent home.
FHA became more and more important for the housing market, especially during the recession. Government-backed mortgages make it easier for buyers to buy a house in a market of the credit crunch with reluctant to lend many banks.
The eventual Shut Down of Government is also occurring during a critical period - spring home buying season. Builders are already feeling the strain of a small market with a decrease in housing starts in Feb. Although the survey of the members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) shows a slight increase in future expectations, there were still many expressed uncertainty, which would likely increase with a decision of Government.
Private Banks may continue during a limited stop if the lending is in progress, but these banks won't want to take the risk without a Government Guarantee.
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