Bob Probert Had Brain Trauma

Bob Probert Had Brain Trauma, the executor of end NHL who has accumulated more than 3000 penalty minutes in his career, suffered from a disease degenerative brain called CTE, a study by Boston University. Legend Bob Probert spent 16 seasons on the ice as one of the most difficult players - in the League at the end of the career, he had fought (and won most of) some 246 fighting. Probert died of a heart attack in July, at the age of 45 years. Now, the New York Times reported that researchers at Boston University found that Probert brain showed a degenerative disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy the brain injury even occurred in more than 20 died of professional football players and prompted the NFL to change its rules to limit the hits
dangerous at the head. While the NHL has taken steps to reduce the possibility of brain injury, fighting are remained nevertheless a large part of the game.


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