Mega Millions Winning Numbers Lottery

Mega Millions Winning Numbers Lottery: Millions Numbers for the Mega Millions Lottery to hire again rose to nearly $304 Million expected on Friday evening a lottery with a record.
The first five numbers drawn on Tuesday night (1, 14, 35, 50 and 53) but the "Mega Ball" is not for sale in Georgia.  The two tickets to the match the first five digits on Tuesday night. Other states with 24 players with a player, winning $ 250,000 each.

This large payment Eddie Nabors, northwest Georgia, a truck driver and a couple of New Jersey, Elaine and Harold Messner was divided among themselves. Nabors and Messners both money and the possibility of taxes was $116 Million U.S. Dollars has been received.

Today Multi-state Powerball lottery is Lotto $101 Dollars.

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