Tokyo Bali Tsunami Earthquake 2011

Tokyo Earthquake Watch Tsunami 2011,Bali Earthquake 2011: An earthquake with a Magnitude of 8.9 shaken Japan Friday afternoon, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes, killing at least five and trigger a tsunami of 10 metres which violently swept away cars and other objects in its path and to stop telephone lines and transport in most regions of country.

Strong 8.9 earthquake rocks Japan, tsunami hits North East
The earthquake was reported originally a magnitude of 7.9 but was promoted later to 8.9. Which makes it the fifth largest world recorded since 1900, according to the Service geological survey of the United States, larger than the earthquake of Kanto great magnitude 7.9 that Tokyo devastated in 1923 or the earthquake of 6.8 magnitude that struck Kobe in 1995.
A tsunami flooded cities and caused damage.


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