Chernobyl Disaster Nuclear Meltdown

Chernobyl Disaster Nuclear Meltdown: You should expect a repeat of Japan Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster later blew a blast of a nuclear power plant from the roof, were upset by a huge earthquake, experts said on Saturday.
Fukushima nuclear reactor Saturday in explosions destroy walls, Richter 8. 9 The measure, the leaked radioactive substances in the aftermath of the earthquake.
Power of a tsunami, devastated the island nation remain overwhelming earthquake northeast shoreline roads, bridges, airports, and probably thousands of people dead.
Start Japan the first one North of nuclear reactor Tokyo, 8. 9 Earthquake triggers tsunami, and concerns of the nuclear crisis quickly sought after radiation leaks were. Explosion will repeatedly of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster today in Japan, to generate sets of nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture in the first, "said Valery Hlyhalo, Chernobyl nuclear safety Center Deputy Director.
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