Three Mile Island Japan Nuclear Emergency

Three Mile Island Japan Nuclear Emergency: The Japan of an emergency nuclear, but compared to 1986 Chernobyl and Three Mile Island in 1979, Japan, said that it is less serious. It's another disaster for the Japan, with the worst earthquake in history and the tsnuami that followed. By comparing their Three Mile Island nuclear emergency, it is soft, but still very harmful to life.Japan fought against currently reach effective flight in the course of the double head plants where unsuccessful systems cooling after a large earthquake, such that it evacuate tens of thousands of inhabitants.
1000 Times on radiation above normal was rescued in a room of a single plant to realize, nevertheless the authorities pronounced levels outgoing gates an establishment were usually 8 times on top of normal, not spelling "no risk of disease clear."
Nuclear energy should be replaced by a power that does not harm the people. The collapse of Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania nuclear reactor was due to the loss of cooling water.
The problem will be there If the water stops flowing. The core overheating and more water turns into steam.

Steam generates enormous pressure in the reactor vessel - a container sealed big - and if the metallic nucleus in large part gets too hot, it will be just melt, with some components may catch fire.
"The earthquake and tsunami cut energy off site for the plant generators and diesel to provide electricity to back-up for the cooling system" - Yes, they have lost current alternative (normal) off the factory site. They have not however also lost power for the diesel generators. Diesel generators running on diesel fuel and produces electricity as a back-up for power off site to run the cooling pumps. In this case the diesel were flooded by the tsunami.
Japan warns of Radiation leak from quake-hit plants at Three Mile Island
The earthquake cut energy off-site plant and the tsunami flooded diesel generators to provide electricity to back-up for the cooling system.
The absolute worst thing happened to the IMR was the false reports. The radiation exposure maximum anyone or how it was obtained was negligible and in reality was less than a dental x-ray and approximately 10,000 times less than what you are exposed to TSA on a passage through the door.
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  • March 12, 2011 at 9:46 AM
    nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney :

    Never forget 9/11 lies.
    Study prevailing winds.
    Traditional cooling not possible.
    Containment has been breached.
    Dishonest governments never tell the truth.
    Corrupt controlled media never tell the truth.

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