Vivian Schiller NPR Scandal

Vivian Schiller NRP Scandal: NPR CEO Vivian Schiller was fired on Wednesday morning, one day after another scandal—this time involving a top fundraiser—threw the already-beleaguered network into chaos yet again. It was announced that NPR's chief lawyer, Joyce Slocum, is taking over as interim CEO.
Schiller's resignation was reported first by NPR's media reporter, David Folkenflik. Folkenflik said Schiller had been "ousted" by the board. The board's chairman, Dave Edwards, later confirmed to Folkenflik that Schiller had been fired.
"The Board accepted Vivian's resignation with understanding, genuine regret and great respect for her leadership of NPR these past 2 years," the NPR board said in a statement.
Schiller spoke to the New York Times on Wednesday following her departure. According to the Times' Brian Stelter, Schiller said that the "buck stops with me," and hoped that "my departure from NPR will have the intended effect of easing the defunding pressure on public broadcasting."

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