Rodney King 20th Anniversary

Rodney King 20th Anniversary: Today is the 20th anniversary of Rodney King, surviving a brutal beating by police officers in Los Angeles, an incident that triggered an investigation, an absurd acquittal, riots and a national conversation on the racial issue exposed the deep-rooted privilege which allowed white to exist in blissful ignorance USians and the refusal of police brutality stubborn against the USians of color.
King had been drinking and he had been speeding, and he evaded the police for several kilometres. And when he stopped him, he is out of the car and that he ordered under threat for the field, which he did, and this is where it gets the first kick delivered to its head. (Officers dispute this version of the facts, the videotape begins after this point). He believed that if he stayed on the ground, it may be seriously injured, then he survey, hands up and tried to reason with him officers. They tased him twice, him to the ground, where he was defenceless. While trying to rise and defend himself, an officer ripped his head with his baton, which struck King back to the ground, where he was hit several times with the wand.
The nine minutes of grainy video footage, he captures police Los Angeles beating Rodney King contributed to stimulate the dramatic reforms in a Department that many felt exploited with impunity. The video played a central role in the criminal trial of four officers, including verdicts not guilty in 1992 triggered days of rioting in Los Angeles, where more than 50 people died.
These days we have with  us our cell phones and digital cameras in our pockets, purses or bags and take a quick video of babies, the art, meals, friends or unusual moments. We will post it to our Facebook pages Twitter accounts or sites like YouTube where these personal videos have home. There is, although it was a little tougher to make a quick video of 20 years and more difficult to handle equipment. Imagine testing your new camera on a subject which would remain in history: LAPD beating a black motorist, male officers.
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