NYC Bronx Tour Bus Crash Kills 14

NYC Bronx Tour Bus Crash Kills 14 New York Times : Fourteen people passed out and others were badly injured Saturday when a bus returning to New York a casino overturned on a highway and was cut in two by the support for a large sign pole.
The driver told to the police he lost control while trying to escape from this a trailer truck. Police started a hunt for the truck, which does not stop after the crash, said the Commissioner of Police of New York Raymond Kelly. It was not clear if the two vehicles made contact, said.
The wreck of the morning left a scene of carnage and closed on the South side of Interstate 95 for hours, then that emergency workers assisted survivors were seriously wounded and removed organs.As the bus took evasive action, it struck a guardrail, scraped along 300 feet, toppled and crashed in the position of support for a road sign indicating the output for the promenade Hutchinson.
 The pole is entered through the front window, and then sheared the bus from the front to back along the line of the window, cutting like a knife through the area of seats and roof to tire coat back.
Fifteen were treated at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. A spokesman for the hospital, Barbara DeIorio, said some of the injuries were serious. An another five patients were taken to the Hospital St. Barnabas, where two were on life support, with the help of breathing machines.


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