Sarah Lane Natalie Black Swan’s Body Double Controversy

Sarah Lane Natalie Black Swan’s Body Double Controversy: Sarah Lane Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman double said that the actress has only 5 % of the full shots of the body in "Black Swan". She is the victim of a "Cover-up" operation and moviegoers have been misled as to the amount of dance, Natalie Portman actually performed in the film.
The shots are just his face with arms, the shots definitely are Natalie. But that does not show the actual dance.Natalie Portman received the best actress an Oscar for his role in "Black Swan" to Academy Awards.
Dramatic transformation Portman in a ballerina - a story firmly at the Centre of his victorious campaign of Oscar - was not as impressive that the public has been led to believe. "I mean, from the point of view of the professional dancer, it is like a professional dancer all the and she cannot dance in slippers." And she cannot move her body; It is very stiff, said Lane. "I give him credit because in a year and a half, she lost much weight and she is really tried to go method and enter into a head of dancers and really want to a dancer."Lane stressed the fact that she is not talking about jealousy on acclaim Portman. "Natalie is an amazing actress, with certainty," she said. "I know that it is not a personal thing against me." I know this is just a political thing. It is just unfortunate that I kind of lost credit.
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