Apple iPad 2 Release Date

Apple iPad 2 Release Date:  Apple iPad 2 March 2nd event is almost upon us, we have to tell you on an image that we come across which may be to reveal a very close representation of the model of iPad next Apple.
As you can see, the design promotes design aluminum on the back, complete with a rear camera and a new President. You'll also see that the brand still contains "iPad", instead of ' iPad 2′ as some of you can expect. It is a shame that we cannot see the front of the device to see if the design of the aluminum spreads everywhere, or if the device will include a front-facing camera.
Apple event is tomorrow, we will all know soon. Take a look at the picture above closely and let us know your thoughts on it. You would be pleased that the official iPad 2 has finished by something like it, or you prefer a different color / design?
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