BofA Bank Of America

BofA Bank Of America: BofA Bank of America site is loading at all and it is down even I phone is not working on this site. Gathering some information about. It weighs approximately to halfway through, and if you're lucky, enough to have the connection form load, good luck compel to pass to the next screen.Banking online Bank of America has been terrible since two days, for all costs, one would think that the site would work.I am surprised this story has not gotten more press. For a site like this to be down for 24 hours on the first and last days of the month is simply inexcusable.

BofA Bank of America is once again dealing with angry customers beats pounding their fists against virtual doors which simply refuse to open. How long this has been ongoing is not step clear, although there are reports that the site has been along this morning.
Those who have managed to pass to the Web of BoA site today were greeted with this message: "we are experiencing the problems that can cause online banking services to operate more slowly than normal, or otherwise interfere with your Online Banking session." Apologize us for this inconvenience and are working to restore the complete banking service online as quickly as possible.
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