What Did Brandon Davies Do

What Did Brandon Davies Do: Ranked Third BYU Cougars have been a fine major blow Tuesday when it was announced that Centre Brandon Davies would be suspended for the rest of the season. The school, said the dismissal was due to a violation of the code of honour of the school, although they did not specify what aspect of the code has been violated. We do know that Davies is still studying BYU and that the school learned about the issue Monday. The only details that were revealed came from The Salt Lake Tribune.That of a fairly complete list right there, and if you follow the code you must be a living heck of a life of its own. I should also add that it is laudable of BYU to take their Code of honour if high regard that they are willing to let their prestige basketball team to suffer because of a violation. Many other schools and teams would make an exception for a player also, but BYU did not. It is commendable that they stick to their principles even when one of their sports teams will hurt - it shows a strong sense of priorities.
What is the Code of Honor?

"As a personal commitment, faculty, administration, staff and students of Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University - Hawaii, Brigham Young University - Idaho and LDS Business College seek to establish these moral virtues referred to in the Gospel of J├ęsus Christet daily living on and off campus will be
-Be honest
-Live a chaste and virtuous life
-Obey the law and all policies of campus
-Use the own language
-Meet other
refrain from alcoholic, tobacco, tea, coffee drinks and addiction
-Participate regularly in religious services
-Observe the dress and grooming standards
-Encourage others to their commitment to comply with the honour Code Davies BYU future is uncertain."
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