158.723: Anyone can read and published at the end of most of the notes by officials who lead the PostSecret Blog. According to my knowledge majority of readers participants on the site who have left the memoirs (often very creative artistic way) with the hope that a little bit of "Sales" of secrecy in the open air.
However, he saw little desire to end a comment about what whatsoever on the website until today when I saw and that got my attention:
"I have a case of 158.73 and turned me in this kind of libraries that I hate."
it has to be me thinking that 158.723 is a parts in the library of the Dewey Decimal classification. Research has revealed early knowledge with emphasis on Psychology 158.
Deviant ideas are corrupted library through sexual contact in my head and given that most works published in PostSecret often revolve around this topic especially.
Then yet again, step to the last line makes no sense: "this kind of libraries that I hate," which means that the "separate" individual is common for the profession.
Annoyed with the attention and continued to dig a little more, and ultimately found in the agenda of subcategories that determine la.158.723 and other relevant topics to stop.


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