Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert: and Lani Hall their debut Studio album "I'm feeling you" last week which is perfect for Valentine's day. The couple began their tour on February 16.

The world famous trumpeter, Alpert with singer Lani Hall and I feel that you are married "is an eclectic collection of songs. The new album has forty years of classics, including Van Morrison "moondance" and Peggy Lee "fever" and two songs from the Beatles, "here comes the Sun" and "blackbird."

"I'm feeling you" has also reinvented version of Tijuana Brass-hit "" What Now My Love."" At the beginning of the album reviews are positive. Spike sound says that "" all songs from ' I Feel you ' with unique and innovative arrangements are filled, and qualified improvisations give fresh life. ""Herb Alpert was an incredible success story. He has over 27 years and one year where he has sold over 13 million albums on the Billboard. Alpert has 15 albums of gold and 14 Platinum albums and eight Grammys!


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