Fox News Caught?

Fox News Caught: reporting that:,Something shocking mass public deception, Fox News attempted to skew 2011 CPAC straw poll victory for Ron Paul salesperson it with images of CPAC event last year, which Mitt Romney supporters were loudly booed result, another example of the campaign of dirty continuous tricks against Paul by the establishment media.

Reporting that Ron Paul had defeated Republican mainstream Mitt Romney in CPAC straw poll, Fox News superimposed images of archive people whistled event last year.
Bonus bad Fox driving! Interviewed a liberal blogger Fox News reporter Jesse Watters for comments on the recent requests for an insider that the network is the stuff, Watters ignored the question and fun cheap camera interviewer. After the clip that appears evasive Watters and role, MSNBC Fox produces highly modified versions clip for its own performances, claimed their man was taken in ambush (he was actually approached the same conservative strongly assisted event) and welcomed its reporter for "trash talk" the interviewer.
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