Shelley Long

Shelley Long: In society we have seen a few familiar faces as guest stars on the modern family tonight: Shelley Long was back as ex-wife Jay. Matt Dillon had played as a Claire's ex-boyfriend and its was long time before.
You watch modern family "Princess Party" episode? What do you think?
Really, Shelley Long has me nostalgic for the days Cheers. Where everybody knows name. How old is Shelley Long?
Shelley Long is 61 years old. Rock, girl!
You would like to see more of Shelley Long on the modern family? Matt Dillon? Or are the occasional appearances of them enough for you?
With a shaggy wig an earring and a four pack of fuzzy navel wine cooler looks Dillon of every bit the nightmare ex-boyfriend. Blame them Claire we require ample quantities of wine consumed during the half hour episode as DeDe and Robbie reminisce about Claire's misspent youth... or if in a limo Makeout sesh DeDe and Robbie busts.


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