Presidents Day 2011

Presidents Day 2011: Monday, February 21, 2011, Most Banks are not opening on Presidents Day 2011, most of the Post Offices are also not open on Presidents Day 2011 and one last thing Is President's Day A Federal Holiday? yes it is, after that if you're like us, you spend rather today remind our former commanders-in-Chief for things ridiculous they did instead of revolutionary things, they did. Take, for example, the FDR: certainly made some dramatic changes to our nation, but did you also had a film credit? Or take Abraham Lincoln and JFK: should remember to terminate enslaving or a generation? Should us honour to win a game of catch or getting into Harvard despite a demand for bad quality, respectively?    
The Presidents Day set aside to celebrate the anniversaries of two of our greatest Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. As a celebration of daily life, however, is not doing much for most people, unless you work for the Government, the library, or banks. Most of these places will be closed on Monday. You also get a day if you are a student in the Washoe County School District.


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