Lillian Roth

Lillian Roth : In the 1955 I'll Cry Tomorrow Today, the classic Film of Lillian Roth, Sunday, February 27, 2011 on TCM television at 10: 30. The film tells the true story of battle singer Lillian Roth against alcoholism. The years 1930 singer / actress Lillian Roth low key after bad marriages, then joined Alcoholics Anonymous.A detailed biography of Lillian Roth is here I'll Cry Tomorrow is not a bad film at all. In some respects, it is almost like a version of the man with the Golden arm. very tense, dark and dramatic female. Apparently, Hollywood has a minor obsession with film cold Turkey in the mid-1950s. There were some of those who were not they? Anyway, Susan Heyward did an excellent job indeed. Lillian Roth she even received a nomination for an Oscar for her recital, although I love the film that I have some problems with it worthy of
mention. When I see a bio-pic, I want it to be an unrealistic and placed in time specific. What I find difficult to digest with I'll Cry Tomorrow, is firmly rooted in the mid-1990s fifty early at the end that I do not think any time passing.


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