Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker: was "parker spitzer" and the show is replaced with a new show called "In the arena", the network announced Friday.A memo to staff, President of CNN Ken Jautz said that "In the arena" would be a show "together", "several newsmakers, guests and contributors join Eliot Spitzer every night." The regulars anchor  will be Fox News E.D . Hill and the National Review Will Cain writer.
The reason given for the departure of Parker was her desire to concentrate on his syndicated column. In the statement of Parker, "it was a difficult decision to make back my column a few months ago and, with the show in a new way, it is a good chance to move ahead." Reservations about herQualifications for 
Vice President, and perhaps the President  is to take the risk of being labeled anti-woman.Some passionately feminist criticisms of Patin that he personally attacked deserved some of the reaction they received. But the circumstances have changed since the adoption of Patin: just a mother of hockey with lipstick - what a difference a financial crisis makes — and a more complex picture has emerged.
As we have seen and heard more candidate John McCain, it is increasingly clear that Palin is a problem. Quick access to the study or not, she does not know enough on the economy and foreign policy to make us comfortable with a President Plain if conditions justify his promotion.McCain cannot repudiate his choice for candidate. It risks not only the wrath of ruthless the GOP base, but he invites others to second-guess his executive decision-making ability. 
Only Plain can save McCain, his party and the country she loves. It can skew for personal reasons, perhaps because she wants to spend more time with her newborn. Person would criticize a mother that puts his family first.


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