Parry Romberg Syndrome

Parry Romberg Syndrome, a very thin Autoimmune Change that affects only roughly in one, what is Parry Romberg syndrome? Parry-Romberg syndrome is a thin modify defined by proportional decrease late (atrophy) as sweet wound.Parry-Romberg syndrome is a rare disorder with atrophy of the soft tissues and the skin of the face (usually left sides) called Romberg.
Christine Honeycutt front line was barely noticeable at first. It was a gray light spot, just a half-inch long, from top to bottom.
"It seemed I was running an amount of door, like children," said parent Christine, Vicki. But five, swears that he had done.
When she looked closer, Vicki also noted what appeared to be a small bruise or a wart on the left side of the neck of her daughter. Which seemed too, nothing, but when the marks disappear after a few weeks, Vicky Cristina had with the doctor.


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