Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson

Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson: Not a baseball fan or not grow up in the 1970′s then the history of the former New York Yankees Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson trade joint teammates is about as foreign and strange that everything that you will never be read.
Wait for training in the spring of 1973, fellow Yankees have learned that pitchers, Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson had exchanged spouses. with Marilyn Peterson moving in with Kekich swapped wives in the spring of 1973.
Rormer Yankee P Mike Kekich is "desperate a block" production of "The Trade" With the Trade Title The New York Post has reported earlier.
Remember Mike Kekich Yankee swapped his wife and his dog with teammate Fritz Peterson, return to Hoss Clarke and Bob Gamere.Can deadball era you imagine if a story like Mike Kekich happened today? He could be talked about for months without interruption. Short version Kekich and teammate Fritz Peterson decided to make an exchange of real woman.


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