Gaddafi Leave Libya

Gaddafi ‘Unlikely’ to Leave Libya Despite Report: The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is “unlikely” that seek safe passage out of their country devastated by the war despite a BBC report that was preparing to leave.
An Olympic history on a pan-Arab newspaper, said that Gaddafi had sought the assistance of the rebels of the National Council of transition for help to leave the country.

The rumor followed an earlier report that one of the partners of Gaddafi made an appeal to the leaders of the opposition for dialogue, a signal that the aging autocrat can be ready to compromise with unprecedented revolt. The report caused back then to the neighborhood of $107 per barrel oil prices.

Azous Jadallah Al Talhi, a first Libyan Minister in the 1980s, which is Libya East, originally appeared in the reading of the television State an address elders in Benghazi. Asked to “give a national opportunity to dialogue to resolve this crisis, to help stop the bloodshed and not to give a chance for foreigners to come to take back our country”.

The offer, be fired rapidly by the rebels, it coincided with a unit of advertising renewed by Gaddafi warned European Nations to the North of the Mediterranean Sea that if fell “immigration, thousands of people from Libya will invade Europe.”
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