Voyage Night Festival 2011

Voyage Night Festival 2011: Voyage Night Festival 2011 Contest Prizes: SAM is a curatorial cooperation between SAM with farm, a local study interdisciplinary design known for his approach to cooperation and Hans Tan, former student of the design Academy Eindhoven and Professor of industrial design at the National University of Singapore. 40 artists and designers in Singapore were contacted to create products 40 unique every day. By SAM he is true to the nature of SAM as a Museum of contemporary art, as a result of the accessibility of art and its presence that are inherent in us all everyday objects. Voyage Night Festival 2011 Contest Prizes: Travel night Festival 2011 will take place this weekend at Bras Basah area. It’s a series of exhibitions, performances and installations that were held on the premises of the Museum, as well as the SMU campus. I think that the admission to the museums (SAM on 8 Q400, Museo de arte, the National Museum, Singapore Peranakan Museum) during this period are free of charge. 
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