Weather Forecast Singapore 2011

Weather Forecast Singapore for Chinese New Year 2011: Rain is expected during the coming Chinese new year, short lived mainly in the afternoon on different areas t/m Sunday.

There is no one liks this time in Singapore. But, let’s look at the other side, temperatures are likely to range from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius, which means that there is not so hot.

NEA, has for the past few days, the region experienced the effects of an increase of the northeast monsoon. It is a wave of cold air of high pressure on the North of China in a strengthening of the winds in the region of widespread moderate to heavy rains, sometimes wind and cooler temperatures than to Singapore.

Weather Forecast Singapore for Chinese New Year 2011 These waves of monsoon of application during the wet phase of the northeast monsoon. Is expected to relieve the current weather conditions around midnight.


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