Tin Pei Ling

Tin Pei Ling: No further action against Tin Pei Ling & Nicole Seah: The Singapore Police Force said in a statement today that no further action will be taken against Marine Parade GRC Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling.

She allegedly posted a comment on her Facebook page on May 6, Cooling-Off Day. A complaint was lodged against her by Ms Nicole Seah of the National Solidarity Party.

Under the Parliamentary Elections Act, no election advertising is allowed on Cooling-Off Day. After investigations, the police concluded that the posting was made by one of Ms Tin's friends without her knowledge.

A similar complaint was made against Ms Nicole Seah for posting on her Facebook page on Cooling-Off Day. However, the police determined that the posting was made by a NSP volunteer who had intended the posting for the day before Cooling-Off Day.

The police have issued a stern warning to Ms Tin's friend for violating the Parliamentary Elections Act. The NSP volunteer's explanation has also been accepted by the police.


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