Rachelle Ann Beguia

Rachelle Ann Beguia: A Filipino ‘foreign talent’ by the name of Rachelle Ann Beguia has jumped to the defence of embattled PAP MP from Malaysia Penny Low.
(Note: Ms Rachelle has since changed her Facebook profile to Jorach B Jorach)
Ms Low was rapped by netizens for looking down at her handphone when the National Anthem was sung during the National Day Parade two days ago.

In her comment on Ms Low’s Facebook, Ms Beguia described Singaporeans as ‘moronic’ whose ‘patriotism’ and ‘loyalty’ will all dropped “at the first sign of trouble.” She added that almost all Singaporean NSmen will “declare they will pack up and run” when asked to fight a war.

Ms Beguia does not seem to realize that native Singaporean men have to serve two years of National Service and 13 years or more of reservist to protect the likes of her and Malaysian MP Penny Low.
In his recent National Day rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong implored Singaporeans not to turn ‘negative’ on foreigners. He doesn’t seem to realize that all along, it’s the foreigners who are the ones turning ‘negative’ on Singaporeans.
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