Jay Chou on Vacation with Girlfriend Quinlivan

Jay Chou on Vacation with Girlfriend Quinlivan: Is Jay Chou on Vacation with Rumoured Girlfriend Quinlivan? Jay Media a challenge saying “talk when he managed the image of us” Hannah to good friend Quinlivan when he rumors. This led to a new wave of speculation that the singer could have the intention to expose their relationship.

He scored 18 birthday Hannah today and it is rumored that Jay is currently on vacation with the young model to celebrate his coming of age.

Agency for the management of Hannah answered the rumor, saying that the model is currently visiting his father, who lives in Australia. Respond to the rumor, company Jay expressed, “we do not respond to questions about our personal plans artistes.”He also revealed that Jay would be the next concert of public execution in Shenyang, China on 27 August.

Updated on 6 August, Hannah are micro-blog, claiming that they already have birthday with his father and a picture of their shared child birthday cake with a fourth title, had “at the end of the day, my father is (sic) the man who made me cry”.
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