Rex Cinema

Rex Cinema: Singapore 60s Andy’s Pop Music Influence Rex Cinema: “Paul Anka of Singapore” in the film Rex: ”
I was interested in music since my days at school, Singapore of San Andrés and sang during the class concerts and functions of the school. When I started working, I took part singing contests, such as the “Amateur night” film Capitol, the Vespa Club Nite in Siglap Road and commercial directed by organisations annual picnic.
Although never participated in in with the intention of winning, I was surprised when I won the title in 1959 and 1960 Singapore is Paul Anka (Shaw Brothers were promoting a film by Paul Anka in cinema Rex, girls ‘ ciudad ‘). I have never looked back after that and free with bands like the Velvetones incised and swallows.

Singapore 60s Andy’s Pop Music Influence Rex Cinema
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