Nicole Kidman Blonde Hair

Nicole Kidman Blonde Hair: One of the most looked at actresses of her generation is Nicole Kidman. This week’s news pointed at the 44-year old actress as she presents her new blonde hair to the media and public. Nicole Kidman’s blonde hair is somehow a preparation for her film with Matthew McConaughey in “The Paperboy” movie.

Nicole had to prepare to take the role of Sofia Vergara last June. The character that Nicole Kidman plays is somehow a lady who has a dark personality inside who composed letters and sent it to men who are on death row. The Nicole Kidman blonde hair was not only the eye of attraction but her skin tone matches her new hair color. The Moulin Rouge star is really on the go with her new hair since she wanted to have a new look. The Nicole Kidman blonde hair may have been a symbol of a new presentation that will certainly be one of the hypes in the upcoming movie.
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