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Sim Student Portal: Sim Student Portal Login Guide: The SIM card is the largest and most comprehensive training and private tertiary Singapore based solutions. In 1964, it was created as a society of membership by the Board of Directors of the economic development of Singapore. SIM now has more than 33,000 businesses and individual members. 

SIM provides the divers and the needs of the members of the Alumni of the school of young professionals in mid-career and silver talent matured in looking for the realization of lifelong learning. It is the first education and Training Institute of Asian systems to the ISO 9002 PSB are granted. Offers diploma, undergraduate and graduate, as well as a variety of executive education courses for its members.
Sim Student Portal Login Guide
As a student of the SIM card, you will be asked for their comments and assessment of the SIM card on the field of academic and management of the programme. Your posts are very important to us to evaluate the overall success of the programme and our level of service to help.
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