Golden Village Cinemas

Golden Village Cinemas: Golden Village Cinemas launches mobile ticketing for Earth Day: Cinemas of gold village going green for Earth Day with the launch of a mobile chips system without papers.

Bcode technology for mobile phones of analysis is feeding Golden Village, the mobile service for chips in the Asia-Pacific region. Buy tickets online via their Film attendees can computers or mobile phones and instantly receive a mobile Ticket if a Bcode SMS-message will be analyzed for admission.

Golden Village Cinemas launches mobile ticketing for Earth Day: “Bcode is essentially a barcode without bars,” said Michael Mak, CEO of Bcode, San Francisco. “Work just like a bar-code and as a barcode is analyzed except Bcode SMS can analyze patented algorithms barcode when a plain text message be sent.”

“This means that links function without image or WAP messages, and so is directly compatible with more than 4 billion mobile existing on the planet without data plans or smartphone browsers”, said. “(D) 1 or 2D barcode on mobile phones only work between 25 and 50% of the time depending on which country and more than 99.7 percent of the working time of Bcode”.
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