Obama Gaddafi Must Leave

Obama Gaddafi Must Leave: President Barack Obama insisted on Thursday that the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi “step down from power and leave,” his most explicit statement of support for the rebels defiant Gaddafi’s rule of four years in a region convulsed by revolts against authoritarian regimes. Gaddafi has promised to stay.

Obama not ditch to establish a “no-fly” zone in Libya, a movement that the head of the Pentagon, said a day earlier is equivalent to an act of war, because it is necessary to Libya bombing of air defense. But Obama said that he was considering a wide range of options, he emphasized the role of United States in aid for refugees and the starting face a humanitarian crisis.

American planes could be as soon as Friday for the first mission help Egyptians in Tunisia return to leave the House, he said that high-level defense officials. Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the plans has not been officially announced.


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